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Prestashop Seo Module
  • Prestashop Seo Module
  • Prestashop Seo Module
  • Prestashop Seo Module
  • Prestashop Seo Module
  • Prestashop Seo Module
  • Prestashop Seo Module
  • Prestashop Seo Module

Prestashop Seo Module

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Prestashop's quicker indexing of the Google and editing of your product descriptions is a module that allows brand name and category name to be added to product description and link


Module Features

  • Product link structure re-edited
  • Product number removed from product listing
  • Category and cms links edited
  • The product listing has become Google-friendly
  • Products are automatically added to the description of the product or category brand, or a recast at the desired level. This way, the product is listed as being on Google at full. There is more traffic to your site.
  • The product may also include a linkage product brand, so your site will rank higher among Google searchers.
  • The Cron automatically makes them when you want them

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Prestashop Seo Module

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Adding a brand of product that you are selling can be added to the product link so that it is easier to add the brand name to the product so that it becomes brand + product name

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