İyzico Opencart Sanal Pos Modülü
  • İyzico Opencart Sanal Pos Modülü

İyzico Opencart Sanal Pos Module

A free virtual pos module that uses the iZiCo substrate for Opencart. With this module you can start shopping securely with 3D and other options you can easily get paid.

How do I integrate the OpenCart module?

  1. Upload the files in the module we have downloaded to Opencart's working directory.
  2. Click on Payments from the Extensions menu in your Opencart administration panel.
  3. Once you find the iZiCo plugin in the list and install it, click the link to edit it.
  4. Log in to your iZiCo Control Panel. In the Settings tab at the top right you will enter the menu with your API Key and Secret Key values. Copy these values ​​into the corresponding fields in your administration page in OpenCart.
  5. Select "Preparing for post-purchase". 
  6. In the Form Class setting, select the payment page as "Responsive" or "Popup". 
  7. Make the module status "on".
  8. After you click the Save button, you can start using iyzico.
  9. After completing the installation, we advise you to make test transactions with your real credit card between TL 1 and TL 3. 3D Secure non payment: one shot and installment 3D

Secure payment: single shipment and installment Payment cancellation Payment breakdown Check your test deposit from the "Transactions and Returns" menu in your iyico Control Panel. Once you have done this and installed the module on your website, you can send a message to the iZico Integration Team. The team will provide you with the opportunity to start active trading by taking your account when you receive information.

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