Ice Template V2
  • Ice Template V2
  • Ice Template V2
  • Ice Template V2
  • Ice Template V2
  • Ice Template V2

Ice Template V2


It is a unique theme that you can make your own design with its advanced interface and dynamic structure designed for Prestashop 1.6. Can provide the color and appearance you want with theme settings

Even if you do not have code information with the Ice theme, you can have the opportunity to change many areas on the site with the advanced theme editor module. The size of the slide on the site, the width of the site, the menu layout and many areas are now arranged in a flexible structure

With 4 auxiliary modules that come with the theme, waste is created according to each sales order.


Prestashop Modules

F Banner Module

You can fix the look of your home page with the banners you will add to your home page. You have the opportunity to create advertisement space by placing the banners side by side or under each other in the size you want.

F Tag Module

It gives products the ability to write the desired ethanol. So you can reveal the products faster.

F Brand Module

It provides a slide show of products of the same brand from the products you sell through your site on the product page. If you wish, you can regulate the number of products or draw attention to the product with product-specific labels.

F Theme Edit

This module forms the main rib of the site. You can find different styles and edit your site thanks to the theme editing we created to edit the colors of the site, the size of the site, the product appearance. Below are all the fields you can do with this module.

Prestashop Theme Edit

Site General Area Editing: You can edit the background image, site size, font size, font size, contact area information, slogans and site title with this option.

Header and Menu Area Editing: With this option, you can edit aesthetically by interfering with the upper part colors, size, font size, etc.

Prestashop Menu Edit

Editing Footer area

Editing Buttons

Product page Editing

Social Media Links Editing

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